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Dr. med. vet.


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He finished his veterinary studies with his promotion at the LMU in Munich 1997. Then he had a job as veterinarian at Rood &. Riddle in Lexington, Kentucky (USA).

1998-2000 he was in the equine clinic of Dr. med. vet. Dirk Fister in Schleswig-Holstein. He worked in Wolfesing since 2000. His main focus of activity are surgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine.

He often visits national and international congresses. Last year he had a lecture on the most important congress of the horse medicine in Seattle, USA

He graduated in 1980 as veterinarian and was always interested in equine medicine. His first years he spent at the "Tierklinik Werl", the equine clinic of "Dr. Cronau" and the racetrack practice in "Munich Daglfing". In 1990 he founded the "Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde" in Wolfesing. He is looking after all breeds of horses, especially the grand prix dressage and jumping horses. He keeps himself up to date with continuing education visiting conventions in North America. Besides his daily practice routine he gives speeches over his own experiences at national and international conventions. His topics are: orthopedic surgery, ultrasonography, arthroscopy, tendon injuries.

He finished his riding education in Warendorf 1993. Then he began his veterinary studies in Munich. He got his medical licence 1999.1999-2001 he works at his dissertation and was an assistant of Prof. Gerhards in the surgical department of the LMU Munich. Then he had a job as veterinarian for four years with Dr. Rüdiger Brems. He was independent veterinarian for 18 months. He got a additional education in chiropractic.

The focus attention of his work is on orthopaedics, sports medicine, chiropractic and ophtalmology.


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